For Abicart, our customers are our main focus. It’s important for us that our customers can sell and become successful online. Therefore we do everything that’s possible to make their life easier. We help them in very step, offering support and guidance.

We know and understand that entrepreneurs are daredevils who love to take risks to achieve their goals. We strive to serve as the parachute when they are ready to take the leap.

So you can focus on your passion, because we do the rest!

How do we make the life of our entrepreneurs easier? There are 5 important tools that we offer to make that happen:

1. Payments made easy.

We have the unique distinction of being glocal – we like to be international while still maintaining a strong local flavour. We offer tailored payment solutions both local and international for each country that we operate in. This way customers can pay with the payment solution that they are used to and familiar with in their country.  Working this way, we make sure that no customer leaves the webshop because their favorite payment method is not available. Whether it is RazorPay and Simpl in India, Klarna in Sweden, Bancontact in Belgium or Ideal in the Netherlands, offering local solutions is very important for us. Furthermore, we also offer international payment solutions like DIBS and PayPal to maximize access to payment solutions for our merchants. Thus, through our platform you can receive payments from your customers in your country and pretty much anywhere in the world!

2.  Ready, steady, ship!

With our shipment integrations, shipping orders to your customers is easier than ever before. You don’t have to login to another platform to ship your packages. You can do it straight through the webshop platform with just a few clicks. Needless to say, having this feature saves you time and helps you keep track on deliveries efficiently. You can use your own familiar shipping provider as we will have integrations with all important package shipping services in the country.

3. Keep stock of your articles.

We will offer multiple integrations with the main bookkeeping programs in your country. This is a major timesaver. Your bookkeeping is simplified as your bookkeeping program and your webshop can communicate with one another. You don’t have to login to another program, all can be done on the webshop platform. All our integrations are with bookkeeping software programs that are approved  by the tax office and regulations in your country. So don’t worry about creating invoices, using the right tax rates, and just focus on making your product the best!

4.  Become famous! (Well, at least on Google searches!)

Another way Abicart makes the life of its entrepreneurs easier is by having a built-in SEO tool. Whenever Google has an update concerning their SEO methods, this is immediately built into our platform. All you as an entrepreneur have to do is make sure that you fill in the details we need in our platform like the metadata and keywords for your products. We handle the rest.

5. We are by your side!

The last but absolutely not the least is our amazing customer support! It is available for everyone who has a demoshop or webshop with us. We are very proud of our customer service. Every customer is as important as the other one. The customer service is always available to help you set up your webshop, answer questions concerning integrations that we have with partners and all the other questions that you might have. We hope you will discover our great customer service too! We love to help you.  

We speak English, Swedish, Hindi, Kannada, Spanish, Dutch and French! 🙂

Is there is anything you need assistance with?

Please contact our amazing customer service for help. We love to hear from you!

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